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This area of personal development work is offered as an individual process or a small group workshop, tailored to client requirements. The content draws on techniques gathered from facilitation experiences within small and large organisations and counselling therapies. I find it invaluable in my own working and personal life to check in every so often that my behaviour honours my inner intention. With simple to use techniques, participants develop a deeper sense of self-worth and genuine inner confidence. When we connect with our true selves we experience more fully our connection with those around us.


Managing workplace relationships

Intervention that addresses stressful situations that may occur in working life. Creating connections on a one to one basis and collectively with all concerned, issues can be worked through to resolution at an early stage. This process is designed to avoid the distressing situations that arise when accusations of harassment or bullying reach the point of official or legal action and sanctions.


Managing confidently

A short individually tailored programme for clients who are new to management (usually at the first level). It aims to develop appropriate assertiveness skills and the personal attributes needed to step into the new role. Using a personality profile as a base, the new manager is guided and supported through the process of identifying their own approach to leading a team and achieving a practical understanding of how to manage people and activities from day to day.


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